OUR Services

As trusted consultants, we have served the insurance and litigation industries for over a decade. We have helped facilitate hundreds of fair and timely claim settlements ranging from $350MM to as little as $10K. We foster a collaborative approach and pride ourselves on being proactive, in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Business Interruption & Economic Damages Calculations

Also known as Business Income (Loss) – When an insured suffers a loss after an event such as a fire, hurricane, cyber-attack or other insured event, most commercial business insurance policies cover the ensuing loss of business income; typically defined as either:

  • Net Profit plus Continuing Expenses; or
  • Gross Earnings less Avoided Expenses.

Other considerations that may require an experienced claim accountant relate to ‘Continuing Payroll’ – whereas coverage considerations are often limited to 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.

Inventory and Extra Expense Valuations

When the loss is severe and the insured’s entire physical inventory stock is wiped out (i.e. out-of-site), we can establish the value based on accounting records.

Often as a result of a loss event, an insured will need to incur significant expenses to potentially expedite and resume normal business operations; these are usually above-normal and/or atypical and drag on profits.

Learn how our Inventory & EE Valuation services provide quantification and a simplified presentation that facilitates quick and easy review for indemnification.

Data Analysis

Oftentimes, claim measurements rely on defined points and periods of time. Analyses can include:

  • Identifying correct cut-off dates;
  • Determining appropriate trend rates or base periods; and
  • Calculating daily burn rates and/or Average Daily Values (ADV; for deductible purposes).

Our experts provide all interested stakeholders with independent, objective and relevant analyses of the most pertinent financial information and supporting documentation.

Document Extraction & Examination

Claims require substantive support and these documents require independent and objective validation. Oftentimes, the insured struggles with allocating internal resources to obtain the required support.

Over the years, we have become very familiar with many different accounting systems and can come onsite to pull the required information and records for further processing and presentation to the insurance company and its consultants.

We also provide independent and objective review of the supporting details and include them in the claim as a basis of certification & validation i.e. applying all respective cut-off dates, confirming values & payments made, etc.

Fraud & Fidelity – Financial Investigations

Unfortunately the world is imperfect and thieves exist. If you have been robbed or suspect an may be stealing from your organization, coordinated tasks are required for legal and insurance purposes.

Contractor Monitoring & Invoice Review

We provide the insured and their underwriter an additional control on construction projects with services ranging from:

  • ‘Clerk-of-the-works’ on-site verification of workers’ presence and time (e.g. sign-in sheets; certified/union payroll; lunch breaks);
  • Use of dedicated equipment (e.g. drying desiccants and fans, etc.);
  • Invoice review, recalculation and certification.

Insurance Renewals

  • Business Interruption values often go understated when reported to their underwriters, which is unfair because they rely on the insured’s information and ultimately takes on the understated risk for less-than-appropriate premiums.
  • We support the insurance industry and offer independent assessments regarding Time Element risks and determining Maximum Probable Loss scenarios.
Reach out if your Insurance Renewal is coming up and you want to evaluate your time element coverage needs respective limits & premium.