After Disaster Strikes, we help insured businesses navigate Business Interruption and Extra Expense losses.

All too often, under harsh conditions and with extremely limited resources, both small and large businesses struggle to recover, let alone maintain any remaining semblance of post-incident operations.  Research supports that more than one-in-three businesses that suffer a significant catastrophe unfortunately shutter in the face of such adversity, within about two years.

Over the last decade, we have supported insured’s accounting and finance functions by allowing them to balance their everyday duties with the recovery.  We provide guidance based on years of experience but can also supplement internal resources stretched thin.

Our accountants often:

  • Work closely with designated personnel to locate & extract necessary Time Element claim information;
  • Prepare databases, spreadsheets, calculations and exhibits that detail and support the comprehensive nature of financial loss sustained; and
  • Facilitate progress and flow of information, expediting when possible, fair and timely settlements.

Our work product is intended for immediate reserving, future processing and settlement.  We promise to be independent and provide the best most accurate measurements possible.

We’ve helped successfully settle hundreds of commercial property claims, all while promoting a meaningful & long-lasting insurance relationship with the future in mind!